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Auto Accident Law – What You Need to Know

About Auto Insurance
First of all, one part of auto accident law is that you are required to have auto insurance is you are driving your vehicle on public roads. A certain amount of insurance is required by law. At least liability coverage must be carried to protect others if they or their property is injured in an accident that is your fault. However, you can carry more than just liability insurance to keep yourself covered as well if an accident occurs. If you don’t have the proper insurance, you are legally responsible and it can lead to fines or even jail time, depending on the circumstances.

What to Do if You Have an Accident
There are certain things that you definitely need to do if you are involved in an accident. If you leave the scene of an accident without reporting it, you are violating the law and the accident may be considered a hit and run, and this can lead to more serious charges to you.


If you do have an accident, it is important to call the police, even if no one is injured. If anyone is injured, make sure that you call for medical help as well. It’s also important that if you are physically able to that you get information about the accident. Get the contact information, license information, and insurance information from any other drivers that are involved. You may also want to get information from witnesses to the accident. It’s a good idea to note the time, location, and the date that the accident occurs.


Criminal Charges And Options


If you’re the one charged with criminal charges you might have to turn up in court. At court you might become aware of what outcome will likely be handed toward you.
In the event you are a minor or it is your first offence you may be eligible for a delayed sentence. Once you have productively finished probation or some classes that were court ordered then a conviction may not strike your record.

When the court puts you on probation you will have to meet with a probation officer at least once a month. The only way you will not have to meet with the probation officer is if you get non-reporting probation.

When your probation is getting ready to end you will have to submit prove that you completed everything. For example, if you had to go to AA classes then someone would have to sign off on a paper for you. You will have to take all of these papers to your probation officer to show you went.

If the probation is for drugs then you will have to report more often. You will probably have to submit urine tests so they can make sure you are not using. If you are moving, changing careers or going out of town you will have to speak with your probation officer first. He has to know how to reach you at all times.

Depending upon the crime that was committed probation could last from one to three years. If you get in more trouble while you are on probation it could be extended or even revoked.

If you are told you committed a probation violation then you could get a warning or a court date. If you get a probation hearing then the officer will more than likely ask the courts to have you spend the rest of your sentence in jail. Some of the more serious things that will be looked at as a probation violation are if you are caught with drugs or arrested for another crime you committed.

The actual hearing is pretty simple. The probation officer just has to show proof that you violated your probation then the courts will pretty much go with whatever the probation officer suggests.

If you are found guilty the courts could have you finish your sentence in jail. Once the sentence is finished you could still be on probation when you are released.

If for some reason the judge does not think jail is enough then you could find yourself in boot camp. These usually only last ninety days, but you cannot get kicked out of the program or quit or you could find yourself in prison.

Criminal records are no longer safe from probing eyes. They are public records for anyone to view 24 hours a day and everyday of the week. The searches are simple to conduct online from your home. If you are not sure what is on your record then take a few minutes and see what everyone else is seeing about you.


Child Support Law


Child support law defines the financial responsibility of divorced or separated spouses to their children. This law can also apply to unmarried parents but the other parent has to either acknowledge their parentage or a paternity test has to prove this. The custodial and the non-custodial parents share this financial responsibility. This law is used to ensure that the non-custodial parent also contributes towards the financial obligation of their child/children.

This law applies to children who are below and up to 18-19 years of age. In some cases, this law requires the non-custodial parent to meet their financial obligations till the child is done schooling.The child’s expenses and requirements such as food, education, shelter and clothing are supposed to be shared by the two parents.

Different states use different guidelines for determining the amount to be paid. Some states use calculators which can be easily found online. Others rely on the judge to determine the payments. However, there exist some basic principles used to administer the calculations. A step-parent has no legal financial responsibility to the step-child unless the child was adopted.

Family attorneys’ are specialists in child support law.


Divorce Law

Any type of family breakup is painful, but picking the right law firm can help smooth the process of separation, hopefully rebuilding a newer and more positive relationship between family members in the future. The best Long Beach divorce lawyers have a great deal of experience in dealing with divorce and all the complex issues associated with it, including division of property, spousal and child support and child custody and visitation rights.

Our experienced lawyers are able to handle every type of divorce, from the friendliest to the most conflicted. We never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with human beings who may be feeling emotionally fragile and we work hard to make sure our clients receive the best and most appropriate settlements while aiming to keep legal costs as low as possible. By taking care of legal matters, we help to reduce the stress of divorce.

Why Hire an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is definitely less costly if both parties have been able to agree on all issues during their separation. In this case it might seem unnecessary to hire a lawyer, but it is worth having a professional review any agreement. Ensuring the paperwork is correctly filed will help the divorce proceed more smoothly and more quickly. Often there are factors that have been overlooked and which need to be resolved before a couple can legally divorce. Contact a divorce attorney in Long Beach, CA to learn more.