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How to have an amicable divorce

2 years ago

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Coping with Divorce Where Children Are Involved

If children are involved in a divorce then there are several major issues that will need to be settled quickly. The first is to decide where the child will live, the visitation rights of the parent and the amount of child support to be paid. The court always considers the best interest of the child and quite often a child will be asked with whom they would like to live.

We are especially sensitive towards the needs of children, and divorcing couples visiting a divorce attorney may be asked to take a parenting course which will help them learn about the way divorce will affect their children. We find this to be a very effective way in helping families to move forward and for children to understand that divorce is not their fault. The aim is to help children grow up without feeling anger or disappointment over their parent’s breakup.

Dealing with Less Friendly Divorces

Unfortunately, although many couples work hard to have an amicable divorce there are some cases where this simply isn’t possible. When this applies, our lawyers have impressive negotiating and mediation abilities and we work hard to achieve the very best possible outcome for our clients. Sometimes both parties may need to attend Divorce Mediation prior to the case going to trial. It is possible for our lawyers to represent our client during these mediation sessions.

Divorce is never pleasant, but our aim is to ensure clients receive a compassionate and highly professional service and we work hard to make sure important issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We recognize divorce can be emotionally and financially draining and aim to minimize this effect, allowing clients to move on that much sooner.